Flávio Medeiros is known for the competence, agility, versatility and easy tuning that he establishes with the musical audio project to be developed.




For more than 25 years Flávio has exercised his skills as a composer, music producer, and sound engineer.

Flavio have done a wide range of works in various segments, which has allowed him to collect numerous awards and, consequently, to acquire the prestige for which he is. currently recognized.

It has great experience and flexibility, thus producing exceptional results. Flávio was the music producer of projects such as: “Conexão Midi – Euro Dance Music”, from the famous show “Um Porto para o Mundo“, on Vila do Conde – Portugal, “A Fundação da Vila de São Vicente” – Brazil, in addition to several productions in different markets. “A reconstrução virtual 360º do Engenho dos Erasmos”, “Visita virtual à tela Fundação de Santos – Imersão pelos Olhos de Calixto” e “Visita Virtual ao Museu do Bixiga”, are  the most recent works made by Flávio Medeiros in immersive 3D VR audio Ambisonics, for Releise Eletrônico (Brazil).


How it all started

The Brazilian Portuguese began his musical career at the age of 15, starting playing the keyboard with several experienced musicians. Flávio graduated from The Los Angeles Recording School Associate of Science in Recording Arts and was later invited to join a group of Grammy Awards professionals. His professional skills were the characteristics that underpinned and allowed him to enter the US film market in 2014. Hired as a composer and audio editor by Benchmark Sound Services at the large NBC-Universal Studios in Hollywood, California, Flavio has worked on the post-production of official movie trailers from various production companies.


Nothing replaces talent

This is the traditional slogan of the renowned “Professionals of the Year” award (Rede Globo), which has already been won by Flávio Medeiros at three different times, in the category of winner of the “Southeast Market”. In addition to the coveted “Professionals of the Year”, Flávio also won two other awards: “Galo de Prata”, for one of his most recent soundtracks and developed for the campaign of the newspaper “Primeira Mão”.

Several renowned musical artists have passed through his studio, such as Raul de Souza, Michel Leme, Fábio Torres, Cláudio Zoli, Tomati, Cláudio Celso, Roberto Sion, Bocato, Mauro Hector, Glécio Nascimento, Thiago and Arismar do Espírito Santos and José Simonian, as well as dozens of actors and communicators, such as Marcelo Tas, Selton Mello, Francisco Cuoco, Carlos Casagrande, Humberto Martins, Marcos Pasquim, Gabriel Braga Nunes, Helio Cicero, Victor Branco and many others.

Professional of the Year

Southeast Market

  • Music Production
  • Artists and Bands
  • Políticos
  • Original Sound Track
  • Sound Designer
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Audio 3D / Virtual Reality Audio / AMBISONIC

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